Power Plays In Real Estate

Join us for a night of candid conversation with an amazing and diverse selection of speakers to learn more about investment opportunities throughout the Chicagoland area!

Billionaire Real Estate Developer, Francis Greenburger, and Commissioner of The Department of Buildings for the City of Chicago, Judy Frydland, will walk you through how to recognize and jump on opportunities when they present themselves, and how to find opportunities that may not be so obvious. Salvador Cicero, Principal of the Cicero Law Firm, Javier Gutierrez, founder of MexPunch, Georgette Marin, Al Reese, and Sara Olvera will share their experiences in development and their knowledge on how to identify market trends.

This night of education and discussion wraps up with a whiskey tasting where you can ask questions and get information from the speakers, and talk to contemporaries to get other outlooks on how to invest smartly.