Our Difference – Mortgage Options That Work With Your Life. Not The Other Way Around.

Our Difference – Mortgage Options That Work With Your Life. Not The Other Way Around.

There are three big advantages and differences that people notice right away in working with DHA Financial

Rebuilding the mortgage process

Empathy Is Irreplaceable

Look, we love our smartphones as much as you do. But the ongoing mortgage technology advancements have made the process devoid of compassion and the human touch. At DHA Financial, we understand that buying a home is a decision that affects you emotionally. Whether you’re excited, nervous, stressed, or sad, all these feelings are totally normal even if you’ve planned to make the jump to homeownership for months. We believe in building personal relationships that are based on empathy, respect, and trust. Relationships that are supported by technology, not replaced by it.

We will not only guide you through the mortgage process with care, but also leverage our financial market expertise to weigh your options against trends in the housing market and the wider economy, providing you with the best choice for the most important decision in your life.

We’re More Nimble & Personal Than The Slow Moving Giants.

Here’s the thing about the biggest names in the mortgage business: They’ve got their names on stadiums. They’re running Super Bowl commercials. They’ve got thousands of in-house salaries to pay.

As a result of all of that, guess who has a ton of overhead to cover before they can pass along any savings to you, the client? Not DHA Financial.

At DHA Financial you will feel like a client and not a loan number. We’ve invested in our own customer experience by giving you more than a typical loan officer but a real sherpa who can guide you through every single aspect of the process. Forget the notion of having to deal with one remote junior associate after another as your file is being processed. At DHA Financial you’ll have a consistent, highly experienced and local point of contact who is here to provide clarity and support whenever you need it.

Mortgage Options Based On Your Needs. Not Ours.

Most lenders are limited to programs that fit within their portfolio. Not DHA Financial. We are a Correspondent Lender which means that we are 100% invested in the service our company delivers to you, with over two decades of experience providing loans, service and expertise to home buyers.

We have multiple programs allowing us to identify the best option that suits YOUR situation. You’ll never have a conversation with us where we’re pushing you toward a type of loan that’s not best for you. Now you can do all of your comparison shopping with one company without wasting time with several banks or brokers.

Join DHA Financial

We believe that success is determined by the depth of our commitment to perform as a unified team, which is why we could not succeed without every person at DHA Financial. We also understand that loan originators are the true driving force for our company and support them in every facet of their business growth.