The Balance Of Politics and Community By Being A Relentless Listener

John Lynch
Executive Director at Oak Park Economic Development Corporation

Oak Park Economic Development Corporation’s mission is to attract real estate business development and investment into the village of Oak Park. John Lynch, the Executive Director of the Oak Park Economic Development Corporation says one of the biggest challenges of the industry is navigating the balance between politics and the community. John explains how it is crucial to listen to people so nobody ever feels like they are not being heard, and this is especially important in the environment their corporation is in. Watch the full interview for more on John Lynch and the Oak Park Economic Development Corporation.

Understand The Business Cycle

Richard Panichi
Partner & Co-Founder of PANCOR

For Richard Panichi, Partner and Co-Founder at PANCOR, one of the most important skills for a leader is listening. PANCOR is a fully integrated real estate developer, investor, contractor and management company specializing in developing and acquiring office and industrial properties in the Chicago metropolitan area. During the last 30 years, PANCOR has successfully completed the development of millions of square feet of office and industrial buildings in Illinois. Why patience is a virtue in business, and why companies should avoid clinging on to their old business models? Find out by watching the full video.

Really Care About Customer Experience

Kevin Werner
CEO of Renovo Financial

Kevin Werner, CEO of Renovo Financial, LLC, talks about the importance of being coachable. He reflects on his past mentors and how they truly taught him to care about the customer experience. Renovo Financial is a Chicago-based private lender for exceptional real estate investors who rehab or build single-family or small multi-family properties. When it comes to real estate, what is more important than location? Find out by watching the full video.