Great Time to Refinance

Reasons to Refinance

Lower your payment: Why pay more than you have to?  Do not miss your chance to take advantage of low mortgage rates today. 

Pay off your mortgage faster: The shorter your term the lower your interest rate.  By paying your loan off sooner you can lower your overall finance  charges over the life of the loan.

Remove your Mortgage Insurance: When you purchased your home did you put less than 20% down? , If so, you are more than likely paying mortgage insurance (MI).  Have you paid down your mortgage and your value is to a point where you have 20% in equity?  If so, you could refinance into a new loan with no MI today. 

Consolidate your debt: With mortgage rates at their lowest in decades you can take advantage by paying off your high-interest debt.  This will increase your cash flow, allowing the debt to be paid off sooner. 

Home Improvements: Use your equity to invest back into your home with a tax deductible home improvement loan.  This will improve your equity position while making your home more marketable for the future. 
Convert your ARM to a fixed rate:  If you have decided that you will stay in your home longer, you should lock in a fixed rate mortgage. 

Fast-Start Program

It pays to be prepared! We’ll even pay you to help us close your Refinance faster! This program only applies to Refinances.

Fast Start Program

You have many choices when refinancing your home.  Our team of experienced loan officers will assist you in making an educated decision based on your financial goals.  We do this by giving you choices and comparing your current loan with today’s market.  We will show you the short and long term advantages of your refinance to ensure your goals are met. 

Call us today at 866-390-2900 or Click Here and start your refinance today!!!

Our mortgage experts will ensure the process is as smooth as possible.  We have the policies and procedures in place to ensure you are always notified as we move your loan through the process. 


Compare the differences of the loan types available to find the one that is right for you. You will find information on 30 year fixed, conventional loans, jumbo loans, super conforming (conventional jumbo), FHA and VA loans. Of course you can always call and speak to one of our loan consultants.