Purchase a Home

Purchasing a home is a very exciting time, and being well prepared will help you make better decisions. The first step is to ask yourself “am I ready to buy?” If you are ready to buy you need to be pre-qualified.  The pre-qualification process ensures there will be no hang-ups once you execute a sales contract. 


Before you go looking for a home, you should go through the pre-qualification process.  This will ensure you are financially sound, according to lending guidelines set by FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA.  In most areas, you are not able to bid on a property without a pre-qualification letter from a lender.  Getting pre-qualified lets everyone know you are a knowledgeable and serious buyer.  Once we receive the required documentation we will have your pre-qualification letter to you within 24-hours when approved. 

During the Pre-Qualification process our mortgage experts will guide you through the home buying process and educate you on the different loan options available based on your financial goals. 

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Pre-Qualification Document Checklist


How much down payment do I need? – Typically you need between 3.5 to 5% down depending on the loan program you have chosen. The more you put down the better the loan terms. For down payments less than 20% you may also need to pay mortgage insurance.

How much are closing costs? – Closing costs can range anywhere from 1-6% depending on the loan amount, type of loan you chose and area.

How do I know what loan program to choose? – When working with a DHA Financial Loan Officer you will be given all loan options available to you so you can make an educated decision.


Compare the differences of the loan types available to find the one that is right for you. You will find information on 30 year fixed, conventional loans, jumbo loans, super conforming (conventional jumbo), FHA and VA loans. Of course you can always call and speak to one of our loan consultants.